Heated Water Tank Systems

Wolverine Steel is offering a heated water tank system to use when spraying in adverse weather conditions. The system includes a 100 gallon aluminum water tank that is equipped with a thermostatically controlled 110 volt heater. It also includes a smaller aluminum tank (10 gallon) that is used for anti-freeze to charge the water pump and hose reel to prevent from freezing when the day is done.heater

The 100 gallon storage tank is designed to fit between the wall of the truck and the machine to increase storage area in the truck. The small tank is mounted inside the machine as not to take up needed floor space.

The system works well with the V-5 machine as it can be plugged into the on board generator during the day to keep the water system from freezing. It also can be used with the Attic-Matic machine but must be plugged into a portable generator or a 110 volt electrical outlet from the home or business being worked at.

At night the heater can be plugged in to a 110 volt outlet to prevent freezing or on the weekends the tank can be easily drained to prevent freezing and save electricity.

The system can be installed in house at Wolverine Steel or can be shipped to your location. Included is all parts needed to complete the install.

For more information or any questions please contact Doug Owens at Wolverine Steel and Welding.