Wolverine Steel & Welding Insulation Removal Vacuum

The Wolverine Steel & Welding Insulation Removal vacuums are simple to operate and engineered for dependability. The KOHLER Command Pro 14 hp engine makes an ideal choice to power a wide range of demanding applications. Capable of performing on command whenever and wherever they’re needed, the command PRO CS engines delivers unmatched response and control. The rugged construction and quality components mean longer engine life and less downtime, exactly what you would expect from an industry leader. The Wolverine Steel & Welding Insulation Removal Vacuum offers the following user-friendly features and benefits:

Features Benefits

Full 3-year commercial warranty on Kohler engines

Limits maintenance expenses

Impeller design

Increases Suction Pressure
Heavy Duty Impeller-1” Bore, 16” OD, 316 x ¼” Steel Blades

Removable Front Panel

Makes it easy to remove and clean impeller blades

Integrated exhaust system

Quiet, user-friendly operation

Large-capacity fuel tank

Longer run times, less refueling

Automatic compression release

Easy starting

Cast iron cylinder sleeve

Long life, rebuildable cylinder

Dual-element air filter

Long-life protection

OHV slant-cylinder design

Compact, low silhouette

Dual main ball bearings

Max. load capabilities, easy starting

Dual side oil drain and fill

User convenience

Silenced air intake

Quite operation

Steel-forged crankshaft

Durable, long life

Electronic ignition system

Easy starting, no maintenance

Swirl induction combustion chamber

Increased power, reduced fuel consumption

Stellite and Tufftride coated exhaust valve

Long life, low maintenance

Balance shaft ( 10 and 12HP)

Low vibration, smooth power

Oil Sentry protection

Long-life protection

Mechanical governor

Instant, smooth response

Easy-access throttle, choke and shutoff

User friendly

Model WV-400-14 Horsepower

  • includes electric start
  • carries a 3 year commercial engine warranty on Kohler engines.

All models available in 4″ or 6″ inlets & outlets contact us for pricing.